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CTEK Battery Charger

CTEK Battery Charger
CTEK Battery Charger

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CTEK Battery Charger

Model Number: CTEKBC
CTEK Battery Charger
Trusted industry leader in 12v battery chargers
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Manufacturer: CTEK
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Trusted industry leader in 12v battery chargers – up to 20 charging amps from DC to DC to maintain any lead-acid between 40-300Ah – 5 stages of charging with patented technology to de-sulfate batteries and prolong battery lifespan.

Delivering an immense 20 amps of power, the D250SA will reliably charge, condition, and maintain any lead-acid between 40-300Ah - all whilst on the move.

Offering significantly faster charging, an in-built temperature sensor compensates for hot or cold conditions, so your batteries are fully charged in the shortest possible time without the risk of over or under charging.

Additionally, the D250SA can be connected directly to solar panels and has a built-in Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) regulator to ensure that maximum power is generated from the solar panel. The D250SA can also deliver a maintenance charge to the starter battery from a solar panel or the service battery.

Smart alternator compatible, the D250SA will still operate even if the smart alternator has shut off.

Furthermore, the D250SA uses CTEK’s unique 5-step charging program, to ensure your batteries are operating at peak potential:

  • Desulphation – Recovers batteries that have been deeply discharged
  • Bulk – High voltage and amps to quickly charge the battery to 80%
  • Absorption – High voltage with lower amps to fully charge the battery up to 100%
  • Float – Maintains maximum battery voltage
  • Pulse – Short pulses, when needed, to keep your battery topped up.

Designed for 4WDs, RVs and Motorhomes the D250SA is the smarter and more effective solution to battery charging, conditioning, and maintenance, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the good times. 

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